filterAfan to control dust when building mold RC airplanes

filterAfan to control dust when building mold RC airplanes


The simple way to clean the air!

“filterAfan”  is a shroud that attaches to popular box fans which allows common furnace type filters to filter out dust, saw dust, mold spores, pollen or anything else in the air.

Clean air does not have to be expensive or complicated!  Don’t be mislead by the big names in “air purifiers” who lead you to believe that units must have special filters, plates, lights and knobs.  Clean air can be simple and affordable.

Use a filter of your choice

You are in control of clean air!  Depending on the size of the dust particles you are dealing with will determine what type of filter you use.  Because the FilterAfan TMwill accept any furnace type filter that is 16” wide, you have many options as to the type of air filter you want to create.  An inexpensive polyester type filter may be adequate, or you may want use the higher electrostatic quality pleated filters which are available down to micron effectiveness which are effective in removing pollen from the air.
The best part of FilterAfan is that it does not require special filters.  When you need to replace the filter, just go to your local hardware store or purchase them online.
Sanding air filter
The filterAfan Plus includes the filterAfan shroud, fan and filter.
If you are a DYI you may just want to invest in the filterAfan shroud and filter, without the fan.  This will allow you to purchase your own fan locally and attach the shroud yourself by simply using the screws in the back of the fan.  The filterAfan shroud will attach to either the LASKO #3733, B20201, B20100, B20303, B20302, B20301, GALAXY #4733 or the Westpointe #121616.  Either fan is commonly available at mass merchants or small hardware stores.
We make the filterAfan in Neodesha, KS USA.
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Remove dust from the air in your hobby area!

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